The Economic Freedom Charter launches in September 2012, only coincidentally linked to Heritage month. Our heritage, the legacy left to all South Africans, following the past conflcit and peaceful transition into the New Democracy, is not easily celebrated today, how do we change?

South Africa celebrates Heritage Day as 'BRAAI DAY', is this because it is the only common aspect of our different heritages that we are able to celebrate.

Braai was not part of my life, I is not my heritage. My Father never braaied, my wife will tell me that my first braai experience was after I met her. 

Is Braai and Afrikaner heritage, mainly due to the rural life-style that many of their families lived?

No wonder I have never committed to Braai Day as part of my heritage celebrations.

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As South Africans we need to interact and talk about the South African heritage. We need to avoid the fear of discussing our past. How often do I not hear the statement, "I have no guilt, I worked for everything that I owned. Yes, most of us whites worked for everything that we owned, and the majority can believe that we were not privileged.

I lived my life in the 'simulator', fed the typical propaganda that we are still fed today, encouraging us to keep the filters that protect our brains from seeing beyond what we are programmed to believe. Yes, the system requires us to believe that we are a happy Rainbow Nation, we must forget the past, we must get on with our lives.

We are all free, we must just take advantage of the education facilities, and work, work, work, ... then we will all survive.

This concept is why we are not able to celebrate our heritage, we are programmed to exclude our inter-generational heritage in order to maintain a peaceful attitude towards one-another.

If we were allowed to open our minds to the inter-generational heritage that exists in our country, we will discover the need to fight the common enemy, POVERTY.

In order to leave a SA-Legacy that we will all be proud of, we need to support the Economic Freedom Charter.







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